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Copy of Our Centenary Legacy project: How Our Crowdfunding Appeal Works

As you may have seen, we have launched an appeal via the crowdfunding channel, to raise funds for two projects we hope to complete for our centenary year, which is next year 2024. Crowd funding allows us to present a project - in this case a much needed new scoreboard and a revamp of the scorers box and surrounding area. Plus a renovation of the nets area at the bottom of the ground, which is so important for practice and especially for the juniors, who can complete their practice and training in a safe and protected environment.

The way crowd funding works is this: We look for a target figure we want to raise. Local businesses or individuals, will hopefully support this by donating 'rewards', which are 'won' by people wishing to help the club donating the amount required to 'get the reward' they want. Sometimes, there are several of the same rewards available, which just requires a donation to secure one of those rewards. Please take a look via the link below at the fantastic rewards on offer! There is also an opportunity to purchase tickets for a raffle. In our case, our Christmas raffle. This means all 'rewards' donations and the raffle money goes straight into our crowd fund to help the overall figure that we want to raise. Monetary donations can also be made on the site, without seeking a reward, this can be any figure, no matter how big or small - it all helps towards the final figure. Click HERE for a link to our crowd funder. Please take a look and see if you can help us reach our goal. Thank you from all at Highfield Cricket Club

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